Matherne's Market

Downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana is now home to the much anticipated Matherne’s Market. Without a full service grocery store for over 50 years, Matherne’s Market was quickly embraced by the community. Community members are now able to find essential grocery items in their hometown, a basic need in any neighborhood.

Upon opening, Matherne’s Market had a simple goal for the store’s décor.  Matherne’s Market, housed in an old Capital One Bank, desired to keep the integrity of the building’s past and also sought to combine it with the unique flair of downtown Baton Rouge. 

To start the remodeling process, brainstorming sessions were held with Matherne’s Market and the Decorworx sales team to determine what the store had in mind for décor. The design team was soon brought on board, and a few ideas were brought to the table. A theme that allowed the store to preserve the building’s past combined with the local culture of Baton Rouge was decided upon.

The décor of Matherne’s Market embraced all aspects of the building’s past. An old bank vault is now used to house wine. Cultured stone floors and columns were preserved in the design as well as a wall of historic coins. Installation did not occur without a challenge or two. A thirty foot high atrium posed a unique challenge for lighting and décor in the grocery store, creating a tunnel like feeling as customers walked in. In an effort to create a more comfortable atmosphere for customers, the ceiling was painted a dark black, and custom lighting was suspended along store walls. The overall design of Matherne’s Market reflects the flair of Baton Rouge and sends a message of quality and southern hospitality. Fleur de lis accents, colorful banners and French style filigree incorporated into the décor, give a nod to Louisiana culture.

Since Matherne’s Market was opened, the store has held steady projections and a growing customer base. The store was quickly welcomed by customers and the community alike, as the town was in desperate need of a local grocery store. In an effort to please customers and increase sales, Matherne’s Market has even extended its store hours, to better meet the needs of their growing number of guests. Matherne’s Market is sure to become a highlight of downtown Baton Rouge.

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