Harmons is a mid-size, independent grocery store chain with 19 stores. The Mountain View store was a new build so we were able to be involved in the design from the beginning. Harmons has been re-branding their company and Decorworx has been instrumental in helping them be on the forefront of industrial design.

This project was a unique one, with brand new textures and materials. The idea was the create store that matched the Harmons brand, yet design something newer and fresher than the previous stores. The main idea was to design materials that paired well together to create high-end and textured areas. Less photography was used except to highlight Harmons customers, which their brand is all about. The monochromatic colors are bold, modern, and speak clearly with their customers and brand. Everyone enjoys walking into a Harmons and everyone enjoys seeing something new and fresh in design.



Custom Design
Original Typography


Harmons began as a fruit and veggie stand in 1920. They have since grown to 19 stores spanning the entire state of Utah. When we were first approached by Harmons, their plan was to freshen up their look. After meeting with them our leadership team traveled to Spain to get some ideas of how we could help them transform their stores into a shopping experience. They are now the leading grocery store chain in the state of Utah.



The exciting aspect of the Mountain View project was making the store modern and high-end while keeping it warm and pleasant. Their bakery and deli have a clean, bright feel showcasing their made-in-store items and photos of their staff. The store has a friendly, artistic and classy design.

Harmons Pharmacy
We’re in the people business. We happen to sell groceries.”
— Harmons


The challenge with this project was showcasing their fresh made food and the upscale look they wanted without compromising their warmth and hometown feeling.



We utilized many textures in this design such as hand-crafted metal signs with halo lighting, antique wood trellis' and acrylic lettering. Our creative team took pictures of their staff and food items to display around the store. We made a very unique metal bike rack in the shape of a fish. With the combination of the different textures, the store is very clean, warm and inviting.

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