Lin's Fresh Market


Prior to the new decor package Lin's was seeing minimal increases as well as the occasional decrease in their top line sales. During the installation of the new decor the community really rallied around Lin's and continued to support them through the entire remodel process. Many members of the community would stop in on a regular basis to check up on the progress being made. After the remodel was completed the store saw unprecedented gains in top line sales, as much as 40% in some cases.



At Lin's we utilized special materials such as wood and acrylic.


At Lin's we utilized a design that included a mix of earth tone and brighter colors, textures, dimensional decor as well as some great graphics.



Custom Design


I was the Store Manager during the time frame of the remodel and new Decor package. I worked closely with Decorworx throughout the entire process and I can tell with first hand experience that they were a pleasure to work with. Decorworx brought with them a professional staff, great communication, and a team that was invested in our success. The response we received from the community and Team Members alike was amazing! The remodel boosted the moral of our Team and we saw members of the community we had never seen before. On top of the positive, emotional response we received from the Team Members and the Community, we also received a positive response to our top line sales number. Some week's we achieved as much as a 40% increase in our top line compared to prior year. If you are looking to achieve an increase in Team Member and Community morale, as well as an increase to your top line, I would highly suggest utilizing the skill and experience of Decorworx.

  • Rich Jensen, Previous Lin’s Manager